Quranic reflections 

Everyone needs a map or guide. Some of us get it from our parents. Others from their friends. Yet others from the internet. And most of us just slug it out the hard way through trial and error;-)

Surely, there is no better source to get it from than the One who made the path, the destination and the ones who walk that path? Yes, the one who is keeping your heart beating right now, who is regulating your breathing and filling your lungs with oxygen and returning carbon dioxide. The one who is blessing you with the opportunity to see this code and decipher it. No doubt the Qur'an is that guidance and these sessions make it easy for you to understand it & apply it.


  • Q. What materials do you study A. All of our course material is based on the Qur'an, Sunnah, early generations and righteous scholars of Islam throughout the ages. For each of our programmes, students have access to our source materials and we encourage further research and discussion.
  • Q. FAQ: I cant make these times - do you have 1-to-1 programmes? A. No, currently all of our classes cater for groups at fixed times. There are other provisions we can recommend for 1-to-1 study if you contact us for more information.
  • Q. I want to study but am not sure I will be able to afford the programmes. A. Our costs vary depending on the length of our courses and we make our best effort to ensure they remain affordable. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific circumstance.


  • What an amazing course with Shaykh Abdur-Rahman on the principles of our belief. Really helped clarify a number of contemporary matters and understandings according to the early generations. Many thanks to Zuhri for arranging yet another outstanding course and inspiring teacher.
    Abdul Ghafoor
  • The Sanatain programme has given me tools to Islamic sciences which I didn't believe possible in such a short space of time. The teachers have helped bring topics to life in a way which I can understand and apply day to day. Jazakumullah khair.