Reviving hearts through Education

Our Mission

Zuhri Academy was established in 2009 in response to the need for structured Islamic learning in Bedfordshire. The aim was to deliver classical teachings in a contemporary and accessible manner.

Our Services

The Academy offers a range of services including:

  • Short courses inviting respected scholars to the area to deliver specialist content on belief, Islamic heritage, Qur’anic reflections and a range of practical topics including burial, inheritance and mental health.
  • Qur’an reading, Islamic studies and memorisation classes.
  • 2-year (Sanatain) part-time Islamic diploma for adult learners
  • Full-time ‘Aalim undergraduate programme delivered over five years covering Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, Theology among other topics.

We present Qur’anic Knowledge and
the Prophetic example

Qur'anic guidance

Our programmes are delivered in English and attempt to relate Islamic guidance to current day circumstances.

Good company

We have benefited from the good company of our teachers and fellow students and encourage a collective spirit in all our activities.

Practical learning

Recognising that our deen is built on belief and practise, our activities are both academic and practical so that we can live what we learn.

Our founding motivation

Planting the seeds of change through cultivation and leadership